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Oh Bay B offers a spacious open deck but she has an aft canopy top to keep you out of the sun. Bayside Excursions reserves the right to postpone the trip up to departure time for safety in times of extreme weather, but tries their best to contact you day of to notify if there is a chance of cancellation. Extreme weather situations within 48 hours of a booked trip (as determined by Bayside Excursions) are allowed to reschedule.


The Oh Bay B welcomes parties of six people total to join us on the water for your own, private boat charter.


We suggest bringing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (please no spray sunscreen).  It is normally a little cooler on the water so bring a sweater or jacket to stay comfortable.  Bottled water is available for your convenience. 


The Oh Bay B is a BYOB vessel so feel free to bring your favorite beverages (adult and otherwise) as well as snacks, sandwiches or anything else you would like to nosh on.


Bayside Excursions complies with all USCG and federal law while on the water.   No federally illegal substances are permitted. Captain reserves the right to end trip with no refund if someone becomes too intoxicated or illegal substances are found. 


All Bayside Excursions crew are vaccinated and boosted against COVID 19

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Outside of extreme weather, if you cancel more than 48 hours before your scheduled departure time/date you forfeit 50% of your charter.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your charter, you forfeit all trip costs. We reserve the right to cancel your charter at the captain’s discretion (weather, unforeseen events, etc.) which will result in rescheduling your charter or a 100% refund.

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